Specialist palliative care

Some people think that palliative care is just about end of life care, but it's so much more.

The focus of our specialist palliative care services is to provide multidisciplinary medical, nursing and psychological care and treatment to people who are living with, or affected by, serious or life-limiting illnesses.

We provide specialist palliative care from our hospices across England, delivering a range of services including:

  • inpatient care
  • respite care
  • hospice-at-home
  • day care and therapy
  • end of life care
  • PEPS in Bedfordshire

Inpatient specialist palliative care

Our services are for people aged 18 and over. But we can take individuals 16 years and over – based on assessment. This has to be done on an individual basis and following Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidance.

Patients come to us when curative treatment is no longer an option, or when they're approaching the end of their life.

A feature of our inpatient service is our consultant-led 24-hour medical, nursing and physiological care, delivered in a comfortable environment, free at the point of delivery.

We aim to enrich people's quality of life by relieving pain and other distressing and disabling symptoms - through the skills of our experienced and caring multidisciplinary teams.

Improving our services

Our hospices are piloting and looking for new ways of working to improve the services offered.

In west Yorkshire, we are developing our tele-consultation services. And in Bedfordshire we are coordinating palliative care services.

This has meant we can offer 24-hour support for patients, families, carers and health and social care professionals.