Day opportunities

Our care centres offer a range of day opportunities, providing care and social engagement.

A range of day services are offered in our local centres and within the local community.

Our services vary in each of our centres; some offer very specific opportunities for people with specific needs.  Information about which services are offered is available on each Care centre page.

Neurological care day services

We have specialised knowledge of caring for people with neurological conditions. Our day services aim to provide a friendly, welcoming, safe environment for attendees. It enables the attendees to develop and maintain independence by providing an exciting and challenging activity programme; encouraging and developing self confidence; and also offering emotional, social, spiritual guidance and support.

Specialist day opportunities

Where there is an opportunity to work in partnership we do so. In Suffolk, for example, we have a day service for those with dementia, and a specific day opportunity for those with multiple sclerosis developed in partnership with the MS Society. Each of our specialist day opportunities are developed in partnership with local communities.