Volunteer spotlight

Volunteer spotlight

Our volunteers give us their time for many different reasons. Here some share what motivated them to join us.

Sue Ryder volunteers on BBC Radio 4, You and Yours

Two of our volunteers were interviewed as part of BBC Radio 4's 'Call You and Yours' special programme on volunteering on 11th September 2012.  See  Sue Ryder volunteers on BBC Radio 4

Volunteer spotlight

Mike has been volunteering in the gardens at St John’s since 2007. He helps keep the grounds in good condition and an enjoyable place for the residents and their visitors.

Read more about Mike in Jam Man to Green House Guru


Jake was at school when he first came to volunteer at Sue Ryder - Leckhampton Court Hospice in September 2010.  He wanted to gain experience of working with patients in a hospice setting as he was hoping to apply to university to study medicine. 

Jake has now been successful in securing a place to study medicine at Bristol University.

Read more about Jake's experience as he answers questions posed by Leckhampton's Voluntary Services Coordinator, Amabel Mortimer - see Jake Flower

Nick, 21, from London left college and found it extremely difficult to find paid employment without having any work experience. He volunteered at Sue Ryder’s head office and has now become a paid member of Sue Ryder staff.

I started volunteering for Sue Ryder in July of 2009. I worked as part of the volunteer development team and was given the same responsibilities and trust as any paid member of staff within the charity. I learnt lots of transferable skills and gained a lot of experience. When an opportunity to apply for paid employment came up within the charity I applied and was successful. Volunteering for Sue Ryder was a great start to my career and I have been working here ever since."  Nick

Brenda has been volunteering at Sue Ryder’s Thorpe Hall Hospice since 2009 as a Day Services Support Assistant.

I love every moment in the Day Services here at Thorpe Hall Hospice, I love helping people. It is a very calming atmosphere, we have a laugh which is what it’s all about, keep up the good work you wonderful carers in the day services and elsewhere within Thorpe Hall."  Brenda