Fundraising toolkit

Getting started

So you want to fundraise for Sue Ryder!

Fundraising should be an enjoyable process. Our help and support will make sure you reach your target.

Decide on how you want to fundraise

You could set up an event or fundraising activity yourself - see Organise your own event.  

Or, you can register for a charity place on one of our events, or register for another event and then let us know you're going to use it to fundraise for Sue Ryder.

Browse our events.

Start fundraising

Now that you've decided on how you're going to fundraise, you can get started on the actual fundraising.

Firstly - start early. As soon as you've organised your own event, got your own place, or have been accepted for one of our charity places, start your fundraising.

Secondly - download a copy of 'Your Fundraising Guide' for lots of ideas on fundraising activities and lots of information and advice to help you get the most from your event.

Download 'Your Fundraising Guide'

Fundraising tips: