Birchley Hall

Joint statement from Sue Ryder and MBi Social Care Ltd

Heidi Travis, Chief Executive at Sue Ryder and Paul Smith, Managing Director at MBi Social Care, said: “We are pleased to confirm that MBi Social Care Ltd has successfully purchased Birchley Hall and formally takes ownership of the property and service on 30th September 2015 at 5pm.

“Sue Ryder’s national health and social care strategy is the provision of compassionate and personalised hospice and neurological care and as the only Sue Ryder centre which provides residential care services for the elderly, Birchley Hall is not in line with this national strategy. The decision was made in January 2015 to sell Birchley Hall as an operating elderly residential care centre to an organisation whose prime purpose and expertise is support and development of services for elderly people.

“Upholding the highest possible standards of care and safeguarding the future of residents at Birchley Hall is of the upmost importance to Sue Ryder and we have been committed to securing a new provider who will continue to offer residents access to the level of care and support that they need and deserve.

“MBi Social Care is a provider of elderly care homes and is looking to expand its residential services to offer more specialised care for people living with dementia and related conditions which includes individuals with end-of-life care needs. Its model of care welcomes the input of a wider family and friends’ network, promoting their identity as valued members of a community.

“Sue Ryder has been assured that the future vision of the company is to replicate this model of service at Birchley Hall and for it to become an enriched dementia care centre for the elderly with a relationship focused approach.  

“Residents at Birchley Hall who do not have dementia will still always be able to call it their home, as MBi is committed to continuing to provide personalised residential care for all residents at Birchley Hall for the rest of their lives, irrespective of their condition.

“MBi also aims to make the transition as smooth as possible for staff and will not be proposing any measures or changes to their existing terms and conditions of employment.

“Sue Ryder would like to take this opportunity to thank Birchley Hall staff for their continued hard work and dedication. They should all be proud of the real difference they have made and will continue to make to people’s lives; helping residents to maintain their independence and remain active in older age.”